Welcome to Fiesta Legend Online

Fiesta Legend Online is a MMORPG Fantasy/Adventure game. It was built with the player in mind. We strived to bring out a new vision on normal play. We intend to find a quality in the game that makes players deeply enjoy the game, without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in its complexities, while keeping the difficulties a refreshing challenge that will keep "hard-core" players coming back for more.

Bring a Friend and Get CoinsJuly/20/2015

Bring a Friend

To kick off a GRAND OPENING, Legend offers a "BRING A FRIEND" system.

  • Here is how it works:

  • Bring a friend to play Fiesta Legend with you.

  • Have your friend reference your characters name to us in Facebook Messaging.

  • You get 500 credit to your account.

  • Bring more that 1 friend, its 500 credit per friend, and THEY can bring friends too, to have some credit too.

See you soon.

Watch our new custom we can make anything you ask

We wouls like see you enjoy with our custom

Ask us which fashion you would like see in game, and we will make it for you, ask us in our facebook

Laura from Tomb Raider, one of much customs we have

Light, from Final Fantasy, one of much customs we have

Sale 2x1 From July 20 to Agoust 7, 2015 credits are 2x1

2x1 Promotion

In any payment up to 20 get double